1-on-1 Coaching

CBT Life Coaching is an active process of identifying and resolving fears and challenges you face in your daily life.

Before we begin coaching, keep in mind that I'm not a therapist. I'm just a person who overcame his own struggles with crippling anxiety and now wants to guide others to do the same using methods and techniques that worked for myself and others I helped along the way.

Komron Rahmonbek

Do you feel like you're not getting anywhere in your recovery from anxiety?

I will help you answer following questions:
How anxiety controls you through your thoughts and behaviors?

Why did anxiety come back with vengeance after a long break?
How the way you deal with setbacks makes your anxiety worse?
Why you’re ultimately the only one who fuels your anxiety?
Why recovery is about rational thinking, not positive thinking? 
Why those who have no structure in recovery eventually fail?
And many more…

In our 1-on-1 Rational Living CBT coaching sessions my goal is to help you overcome your fears through a comprehensive recovery plan, step-by-step guidance and personal support.


Isabelle B.
From Switzerland
Samantha B.
From the UK
The only reason I chose coaching with Komron was his genuineness in 1-1 support over the phone and texts. I went to clinical psychologists in my local area and they were just greedy for money, not for true help. I really wanted to move forward in my life and I felt stuck because of Anxiety. Komron helped me to move forward.

Secondly, my parents never thought of giving me emotional support, especially when I suffered with panics. They said to distract myself and not talk about this topic.

I can go anywhere in world now and meet new people. I still feel anxiety (I nicknamed my anxiety Tom, as in Tom and Jerry the cartoon) but I never let TOM rule my life and TOM is never my enemy. TOM made me compassionate and loving.

I never felt Komron to be my CBT anxiety coach. I don’t know why, but, I felt Komron to be like my brother. He supported me like a true brother.

I would definitely recommend people to get coaching from Komron because he believes in full recovery and he himself made it come true.

I just wish the program becomes more accessible with iphone and android app in future.
Raman S.
From India
My name is Aneta and I’m currently working with Komron on my anxiety journey. I knew that I wanted to get help and I was ready.

Komron is teaching from his own experience and he is a success story so there was no hesitation for me to get coaching from him.

Having Komron to guide you and help you along the way is super encouraging. As a result of it I’m able to realize and understand how anxiety disorder works so much better. Komron’s specific plan of action makes it so much easier to learn from.

Action taker group chat is super important and fun too. You get to connect with other people who are also dealing with anxiety issues and you get to support and encourage each other along the way.

If you’re someone like me who struggles with overcoming anxiety disorder on your own without much success, than I would strongly recommend you working with Komron.
Aneta B.
From USA

1-on-1 coaching

$ 50
  • One Coaching Private Session (45 mins)
  • 2 Weeks of Email Support