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Difference Between Natural and Structured Approaches To Recovery

To understand the importance of a good recovery plan, you need to understand two recovery approaches: Natural and Structured.

The natural approach is the most common. It’s when you go out and face your fears without any plan. Characteristics of natural recovery are:

  • Unpredictable and unsystematic
  • Brief normally followed with a sense of defeat
  • Infrequent and sporadic
  • Threat information is exaggerated, and safety information ignored
  • Intolerance of anxiety and heightened anxiety control efforts
  • Reliance on escape and avoidance

If you’ve ever had anxiety disappear for a while and then unexpectedly return with vengeance, then this is what the natural approach is all about. Life with the natural approach could be compared to a roller coaster ride and the worst part is that you have no idea when it’s going to end. The diagram below shows how life with the natural approach looks like:

Life with natural exposure chart

The structured approach is less common because it’s more challenging. Characteristics of structured recovery are:

  • Predicted, planned, and systematic
  • Prolonged duration leading to a sense of victory
  • Frequent and repeated
  • Threat information evaluated, and safety information is processed
  • Increased tolerance for anxiety and reduced control efforts
  • Elimination of escape and avoidance

The most important feature of the structured approach is that it gives you skills to gradually stop fearing anxiety. It also shows you mental and behavioral patterns with which anxiety keeps you trapped. Once you know the patterns, you can start tracking your progress and gain control over your recovery. The diagram below shows how life with structured exposure looks like:

Life with structured exposure chart

So why do you need a recovery plan? To give you a roadmap to recovery, so you can avoid making or repeating the same mistakes.

This CBT-based recovery plan is for you if you’re tired of living through ups and downs of anxiety and want to know what it takes to be in charge of your recovery.

Keep in mind that I’m not going to be able to do the hard work for you. But I’ll be there to support you along the way.

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