50 Minutes Recovery Program

Proven way to reduce anxiety naturally without medications

Unique Approach

Is your time is valuable to you?
Do you want to live your life while also working on recovery?

Then 50 Minutes Recovery Program is exactly what you need. Coming from a self-recovered anxiety disroder sufferer, who is also trained in CBT for Anxiet, 50 Minutes Recovery Program includes only the most effective practices, broken down into small Baby Steps, so you can do them consistently, whenever and wherever you are.


Do you feel hopeless and doubtful because of anxiety?
Do you question recovery after each setback?
This program gives you structured approach towards recovery. There is no more guessing and doubting. Following this program’s plan is the way out of setback of any severity, as your anxiety level, together with symptoms and anxious thinking, gradually go back to normal.

Fast Results

Don’t want to wait for months to see results?

This program has proven to show results withing first  few weeks of applying. But it only gets better if you keep practicing.

Program Results

Just left work. I honestly want to say thank you again! I can't believe I'm doing these things Komron! I mean how long have I done your program? A week??? That blows my mind!!! The best thing about this program is I don't have to do anything!!! Just face my fears, do what anxiety doesn't want me to do and keep fighting! Honestly a week ago I felt hopeless. Even though I still have anxiety and I feel on edge I see it differently now. I actually want to bring it on, I'm approaching my sypmtoms differently because they are not dangerous and my mind is understanding that now. Thank you thank you!!! I seriously am looking forward to everything esle I can prove myself I can do!!! I'm looking forward to life again.
I am currently going by public transportation to Zurich (about 1 hour drive) and almost feel no anxiety, that is crazy!! Still have anxiety coming up a lot but I learn from it everytime! I haven't felt that free for years!

I Was Told I Cannot Recover...

I remeber being told that anxiety is a lifelong disorder. That it could not be cured. That I should just learn to cope with it.

But even in my darkest days I knew that there must be the way out.

I tried a lot of ways to recovery.

I failed more times than I can remember.

Each setback made it harder to find motivation for recovery.

I noticed a pattern in my setbacks and realized that I can come up with a structure to recover from setbacks faster.

This was when I started approaching recovery sistematically.

Practice showed that I did bad in keeping up with big steps.

I started making them smaller and smaller to the point where I would have no excuse not to do them daily.

As I kept up with my small steps, I noticed my overall anxiety level gradually go down.

I started recovering from each setback faster and more confident than before.

It took me a lot of pain and suffering to come up with this approach.

I want to share this system with you, so you can replicate my success and become anxiety free yourself.

A Concrete Plan of Action With Easy to Follow Baby Steps

Know Exactly What to Do and For How Long

Guidance Results

Just wanted to swing in and say thank you for your help. I've come so far from where I was when I first contacted you. In about 10 days I'll be going on an 18 day road trip to the west coast with a new friend.
I took your advice and encouragement and went to a busy mall today. If I felt anxious - I asked for more. I almost willed myself to faint and I didn't. Thanks so much for what you have done for me!
I faced a MAJOR FEAR today! Drove through Coronado Bridge in San Diego! Omg I was trembling but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! Thank you Komron for helping me be brave enough to face my fears.
Tonight I drove to a store that I've avoided in the past on my own. Went and shopped for 40 minutes. My goal was to get as anxious as I could and then accept and ask for more. I couldn't even get anxious! I actually enjoyed the experience and felt very calm!



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  • 50 Minutes Recovery Program


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  • 50 Minutes Recovery Program
  • 30 Days Messaging Support


$ 147
  • 50 Minutes Recovery Program
  • 30 Days Messaging Support
  • 2 One-on-One Coaching Sessions

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